Gumnutz: A Juicy Tale (2007)

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Synopsis: One morning, it is Claude’s first day to work at his Uncle Kelvin’s Gumnut Juice Factory. Claude doesn’t feel up to it at first. Kelvin receives an order for gumnut juice from the business man Peer Point J. Marino which, if successful, will grant Kelvin’s company a contract. The rival Hotshot Charlie hoping to beat Kelvin to the contract first, sends Franky to steal the secret sweetening formula to fulfill his quota.
Hotshot has the apothecarie Bunsen the Cobra analyse the ingredients of the secret formula, but without any success. Hotshot sends his goons (known as the Wedge, consisting of Smash, Squash and Slap) to kidnap Kelvin. Claude finds a lead to Badde Manor, but Kelvin is well hidden. Hotshot gets hold a riddle book which has a clue to the secret formula. Catching wind of this, Claude and Peppa sneak into Badde Manor and copy the riddle, Hot Spot also getting the knowledge.
Claude and Peppa follow the riddle to Darwin Platypus who tells them the secret formula, Hotshot listening in. Hotshot traps Claude, Peppa and Darwin Platypus, but Bunsen defects and rescues them and they return to the Gumnut Juice Factory to begin a large production. Claude is briefly separated from the others, but uses Kelvin’s special instrument to rally all the Cicadas for the essential ingredient of the formula.
Director: Jane Schneider
Writer: Phil Sanders
Stars: Ian Bliss, Jamie Croft, Rachel King
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